Thursday, July 15, 2010

:: Season 2 started! ::

hye everyone..its been awhile rite since the last post..hahaha..well here the new post of course.. Season 2 at Jalan!thats mean i've only 1 more semester to hold my master! yezzzaaaa..hope Allah bless my study the news i brought for 2 months journey at my home..haha..very long journey at my own town at Batu Pahat. Many things goes rite n wrong. Firstly i wanna tell you guys about my very2 best friends that i've known almost 10 years. he is laying on his bed right now because a mystery illness. his family has spend their money n time to find out his true illness and alhamdulillah we have discovered his illness. now he is under rehab at his own home..during his stay at HOSPITAL SULTANAH FATIMAH, Muar, i looked over for him behalf his own family because they has to take care of everything else. since i have no work, so i decide to look over him for his family. i've seen doctors taking his blood for the test to find out what is illness. day by day doctor sucks his blood but no news about his illness. i started suspect something else. maybe his illness doesn't related with science. so i ask my father to 'scan' him n find out 'something' else 'sucks' his blood. so we decide to do YASINAN. because of that i go home to join the ritual. but i forgot to do something when i reached home. for the result, my mom was 'disturbed' by 'something'. so, i've must take my shower using water+salt that my dad made. alhamdulillah..the 'things' gone..we performe the YASINAN about 3 times and now my friend is slowly recoverd from his illness.. YA ALLAH, KAU SEMBUHKAN LAH PENYAKIT MOHD NAJIB BIN RAMLI DAN KAU JAUHKAN LAH SEGALA MACAM PENYAKIT DARI KELUARGANYA DAN KAMI SEMUA YA ALLAH! AMIN~~~ok now the 2nd famly day..even not all my family dtg kn..adeh..letih la nk berbahasa mat saleh nh truskn jek la memakai bahasa ibunda lebih baik..huhu..ok berbalik famly day td..even yg dijangka hampir 200 org dtg, tp xsampai pon 100 yg dtg..xpe la..1st wt kn..cm2 komitmen yg diorg xleh slhkn sume orng..neway, family day aku berjalan dgn lancar nye dn meriah even brape kerat jek yg some pic from the family day..

the elders! g nk stakat nh dulu la kan..pd sape yg bace..same2 la kite doakn rakan ku itu cepat sembuh..bye..salam~

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