Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year with New Aim!!!!


Wah..dh lama raseya tak update blog nh..ade 6bulan kot.hehe..well WELCOME 2012..pejam celik dh dh 6bulan ak berkhidmat di KPTM Batu Pahat. Alhamdulillah semuanya berjalan lancar dan semua staff memberikan yg terbaik utk mendidik para pelajarnya..

Dikesempatan ini sekalung tahniah utk warga KPTMBP kerana berjaya menempa nama dalam beberapa event penting KPTM sendiri. ISO, Kutipan Yuran Pengajian dan peratus kelulusan alhamdulillah semuanye mencapai sasaran(I guess). So that the expectation for this year went high. With a few new lecturer and for most new students keep coming every semester give us more work and fun thing for enjoying teaching our youngster. For me, with my knowledge about graphic plus my little experience working at advertising firm long ago will be valuable for my students getting know how graphic working and add interest for them to be a great designer. Thats my hope for this year. Improve my teaching ability so that the student enjoy during my class session.

To achieve that I must feed my brain with the latest knowledge, issues, fresh ideas, creative design and inspiration. It is hard to achieve a goal but we must work hard and smart to achive that. I NEED THE KEY AND KEEP THE FAITH, ACHIEVE THE SUCCESS.

Well thats is the aim for myself. Specific for my teaching skills. Hope Allah will bless me. AMIN~

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